Cardanime Stories episodes is CNFT inspired by Anime, meant to tell a story through it's 10 episodes, all related to each other. 

E01 Dano's Homeland 

No place like home. No storm on the horizon. Then why the tree does not blossom? Only the Moon, so high and never blind, holds the secret, knows the answer: The enemy is knocking on the door. Dano is now ready to go...

E02 Heavy Steps

The moon is big, so is the lie. His lie, his fakeness of the heart, his appetite. Thereum, his threatening silhouette, his heavy steps, On Dano's homeland...

 E03 Wings of the storm

Heavy steps, selfish arms and jealous eyes, took their price. Stormy horizon painted by his appetite. Hey Thereum! The Moon is never on your side! Waiting to be saved, by Dano's truly good heart. The tree, tired and ashy, dreaming of blossoming again. Again, in Dano's Homeland.